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Registered Massage Therapists in Vernon BC

Christie de la Perrelle graduated from the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy in Vernon BC in 2000 and has been practicing Massage Therapy for 19 years. She is an active member of the College of Massage Therapy of BC and the Massage Therapist Association of BC.

In understanding that both physical and psychological health are needed to maintain balance Christie believes massage therapy can assist in eliminating blocks that may compromise the overall health of both body and mind. Christie has continued to educate herself with continuing studies of massage. With focus on, but not limited to Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Neuromuscular Release, Soft Tissue Release and Deep Tissue Massage. Through blending these technique’s, she is able to develop and provide an effective treatment plan specific to each individual patient’s needs.

Christie is dedicated to maintaining balance through a healthy, active lifestyle and recognizes massage as one modality that plays a large role in both health promotion and injury prevention/rehabilitation. Whether in need of alleviating the general stresses of daily life, dealing with work related injuries, recovering from an accident, or as an athlete looking to improve overall health; Christie is committed in supporting her patients to meet their personal wellness goals. She recognizes the importance of other disciplines and values an interdisciplinary approach to achieve overall health and well-being and will recommend other modalities and practitioners to best meet her patient’s needs when necessary.

After spending 12 years in the West Kootenays Christie and her family are excited to be back in the Okanagan. She looks forward to practicing in her new community and sharing her knowledge and passion of the health and healing of the human body. Look no further when searching for registered massage therapists in Vernon BC!